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Top tips to get commercial signs seen in autumn

Top tips to get commercial signs seen in autumn

The autumn equinox means longer nights and shorter days – and that changes the way your commercial signs will be seen.

Already the sun is setting before 7pm, and as the season progresses towards winter, the twilight will linger less and less too, with dark skies overhead from early evening.

The clocks go back quite late in 2016 – not until October 30th in fact – but of course, as soon as they do, it will be dark from the afternoon onwards.

All of this means commercial signs will need to be seen in the gloom, especially if you are still open after the early sunset.

Flex faces are always a good option on darker days, as they can be backlit for a vibrant, colourful commercial sign – we can make flex faces to fit existing lighting rigs if needed.

Window vinyls are another option, this time using the light from inside your premises to shine through, and this may be preferable if you want to add a seasonal message to your facade for the festive period.

Post signs typically have one flat face, which gives you good options to attach lighting where necessary – for example an externally lamp lit sign can work equally well in day or night.

Totem signs may be better floodlit from beneath, to make sure all elements are illuminated, and both post signs and totem signs in high-contrast colour schemes can benefit from nearby street lighting, which may mean no need for them to be lit specifically.

Finally, engraved stone works and built up lettering can be given an even more striking appearance with careful illumination.

This can cast a drop shadow or enhance the relief of engraved stone works, while highlighting the edges or providing a glow effect around built up lettering – and again, both types of commercial sign will look stunning in the daylight too.