Acrylic Directories for Receptions

‘Acrylic directories’ are the name given to the signs typically seen in reception areas or close to elevators, showing which departments or companies are located on which floors of a large building.

The most familiar example of this for many people are the signs you see around a hospital, telling patients and visitors where multiple different departments are located.

In a corporate setting, acrylic directories serve the same purpose, helping first-time visitors to a building to see which floor they need to be on in order to visit the firm they are looking for.

This is particularly useful in buildings without a manned reception desk, or where the departmental sign can help to substantially reduce the number of enquiries made at the desk.

Acrylic directories may also be used to indicate the direction of certain offices, firms or departments on the same floor, making them a worthwhile addition to every storey of a building.

We can supply acrylic directories in a number of different styles and schemes, from translucent acrylic with the text etched into the surface, to white-backed or colour-backed panels with the lettering printed on in black or another colour, making it high-contrast and very easy to read.