Construction Site Banners

Construction site banners and wraps for site fences and the sides of buildings all help to make the area more aesthetically pleasing while work is carried out, as well as allowing you to advertise your brand and, where appropriate, to provide information to passers-by about what is taking place.

Depending on the location of the sign, there are different things to keep in mind when finalising the design – for instance, banners high on the sides of buildings obviously need large, legible lettering that can be read easily from a distance.

Where banners are to be placed close to the edge of the construction site, and at eye level, there is the opportunity to display more information in a smaller font, or more complex images in full colour.

Our experience working with a large number of different construction firms means we are able to guide you on the best options for your building site banners, and to point out where one design might work better than another.

As always, signage for use in exterior locations is designed to withstand the elements, to make sure it remains not just legible, but visually pleasing, brightly coloured and free from dirt for as long as possible.

Construction Advertising