Installation Services

Even the best sign will only be effective if it is installed correctly – in the right position, aligned correctly and with precision, and in a way that works well with natural daylight or artificial illumination, whether it is backlit or relies on lighting from a nearby external source.

In-Signs can provide professional installation services for all the signs we design and manufacture, so you don’t face the task of installing your signage yourself in potentially dangerous locations, at high elevations or alongside busy roads.

Our team can safely transport your new signs to your site, bring the necessary lifting equipment and safety gear, and install the signage with a minimum of disruption to site access or any other aspect of your day to day operations.

With enough advance warning, we can schedule installation to suit your construction or refurbishment schedule, to keep you on track as part of larger ongoing work – if you need our services on a specific date in this way, please contact us as early as possible so we can fit you in.

In-Signs can handle relatively small installations, such as updating the entries on your acrylic directory or replacing a single segment of a totem, as well as more complex signage installation processes.

For example, in the case of new totem or post sign, this might involve digging into the ground surface to anchor the sign’s poles into place, which also raises the need to be aware of any utilities that might be hidden just below ground.

Our expert team have the experience to be aware of such risks, and to take the necessary steps to avoid them in advance, rather than potentially creating an incident that might be difficult to put right.

In some cases, signage installations can be very large, especially for retail on major stores and anchor locations in shopping centres, and on large industrial or office buildings.

For these projects, we can provide the scale of lifting equipment needed to get your sign hung in the correct position, while aligning adjacent panels with the level of precision needed to produce a seamless finished effect.