Construction Hoarding Panels

Construction hoardings are the flexible signs you see surrounding a commercial building site, and they make great use of the space that might otherwise be taken up by a blank fence, while also helping to reduce the risk of graffiti artists using that space as a canvas.

Flexible construction hoardings are highly weather resistant to both moisture and wind, and they provide privacy too, as they can be fitted over a mesh fence to create a screen, disguising the activity taking place behind.

Designs can be pictorial purely to brighten up the site while work is being carried out, or may include text as well, advertising the construction firm or the commercial company that will ultimately move into the site, or providing more information about what is being done.

This is particularly important when work is carried out on public buildings, as passers-by may feel they have a right to know why facilities are inaccessible, when they will reopen, and what changes will have been made.

Modern printing techniques mean construction hoardings can be more vibrant and eye-catching than ever – helping your new premises to grab the attention of those in the area before you have even moved in.