Leisure Centre Signs

Leisure centre signs are often seen from a distance across swimming pools and sports halls, making it important to display information at a large scale, and in high contrast colours to eliminate any confusion.

The actual information you want to convey will differ depending on exactly what facilities your leisure centre provides – for example, you may need to direct customers to different rooms or buildings on the same site depending on which sport or activity they are taking part in.

Communal facilities like changing rooms, showers and toilets should always be clearly signposted, as you know most if not all of your customers will need quick and easy access to these, and signs can provide even more useful information in locker rooms too.

For your main entrance, larger-scale signage can help to highlight the location of your main reception desk, especially if it is not clearly visible as soon as new customers enter the building for the first time, or you have more than one main door leading into your premises.

As large public buildings, leisure centre signage will usually also include the name of the facility as a whole, and In-Signs can provide illuminated and built-up 3D lettering to make sure this is as vibrant as possible on the outside of your building.

With many leisure centres and similar facilities now in private ownership, and even public venues increasingly being run as profit-making businesses, it is crucial to do everything you can to attract passing trade, and to give customers the sense of a positive experience.

Good leisure centre signage helps to make sure they know where to go on arrival, as well as when moving around the interior of your premises; you can combine this with clear signposts in your car parks and to display opening times and other basic facts at the main road entrance.

Together, all of this should increase the chances of happy customers who come back again to swim, play or exercise at your leisure centre – and In-Signs can provide the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of leisure centre signage to help make sure this is the case.


Types of External Signage for Leisure Centres