Flex Face Signage

Flex face signs are an essential investment if you are moving on to a commercial retail park, and help to add your unique branding and identity to an otherwise generic unit, which may be just one among many on larger complexes.

Our bespoke designs can fit whatever size or shape the signage on the retail park may take Рfrom simple rectangular designs to arched shapes to go above doorways, and triangular designs for pitched roofs too.

Whatever the shape of the sign may be, we can print in full colour and full detail so that it accurately reflects your brand identity, and displays the name of your store, along with other details such as opening times or short-term sales, all in the correct colours at legible sizes.

These signs are ideal for backlit installations, so if your premises already have the lighting rig in place, we can make sure you have a suitable flex face sign at the right size.

We also supply retail park operators with temporary signs indicating that the unit is available to let, so any business representatives passing by cannot miss that there is an opportunity available to be had on your retail park.