Totem Signage

Totem signs are a specific type of post sign, usually found at the entrance to a retail park or business park, and displaying the names of the brands that have premises there, typically all in one tall stack. Some totem signs take a slightly different structure, for example having two columns of brand names, or even a wider, more billboard shape with the brands displayed across several rows and columns. It can depend on how many units you have on your site, and on the stores that occupy them – a large totem with just five or six major brand names visible on it can have huge impact and is visible from further away than 10-20 names written in smaller text on the same overall size of sign. By contrast, if you operate a large retail park with a lot of household names present, you might reasonably want to make sure all of them are displayed, making a multi-column layout with high-contrast text a smarter option. For business parks, a more corporate design scheme is always an option, with consistent colours – although many modern sites adopt a retail-style branded totem anyway, with firms’ individual brand identities brightly reproduced.