Stone Business Signs

Stone works are a contemporary way to add a statement sign to a main entrance, particularly where you need an eye-catching installation to go alongside a busy main road, or for a driveway entrance that might otherwise be missed quite easily.

Our stone works are large vertical slabs with lettering either engraved into the surface, or added using built-up letters in reflective metal finishes.

The contrast between the metal of the built-up letters and the matt finish of the stone surface itself can be quite striking, and is just one of the reasons why stone works are popular when trying to portray an image of luxury or high class.

Stone works can also be embedded into a larger wall, for example to add the name of your building to the side of the building itself, and this is generally best done during initial construction if possible, rather than as a retrofit.

Although the colours of the letters and the stone might be quite pale, the relief of the engraving or built-up letters helps to create highlights and shadows, making them quite easy to read at a distance.

Combine with floodlighting for a sign that remains visible at night, with even stronger highlights than in the daytime.