Restaurant Signs

The exterior of restaurant buildings can provide some of the best opportunity to get creative with signage for the foodservice industry.

From large, vibrantly colourful images of the food you serve, to practical information ranging from your food hygiene rating to the number of Michelin stars you have received, there are almost endless opportunities to grab the attention of passers-by in a positive way.

Inside there are some important signs to consider too, whether you place a ‘wait here to be seated’ notice just inside the door, ‘staff only’ notice on the entrance to the kitchen, or others to indicate the direction to the toilets or your baby change facilities.

This kind of information helps customers to feel more at home – nobody wants to be left to walk around a busy restaurant trying to find the toilets with no sense of direction – and can also help to reduce the amount of time your staff spend directing customers to the toilets too.

It’s all part of a commitment to good customer service, so if you find your serving staff get asked the same questions a lot, consider whether installing some new signage could help to overcome that.

Meanwhile back outside, first impressions count for a lot, and In-Signs work on the design and installation of major eye-catching brand name signs.

These can be engraved stone works, 3D built-up lettering or conventional flat restaurant signs carefully lit to look their best at any time of day or night.

We design, manufacture and install restaurant signs from scratch according to your specifications and design ideas, which means we can keep a close eye on the quality of the finished signage right through to the final installation in situ.

In-Signs can also offer routine scheduled and one-off maintenance as and when it is needed, to keep them looking clean and bright, and to make sure any illumination is in good working order too.

Together, this allows your restaurant signage to help your venue to stand out and pick up on passing trade, and can be designed to match any existing branding for franchise properties or premises with an established image as well.


Types of External Signage for Restaurants