Sports Signs

Sports stadium signage plays a crucial role in ensuring spectators find their seats easily, as well as directing them to refreshment stands and toilet facilities during half-time and other intervals.

With major sporting events working to a strict schedule, getting the crowd into their seats on time can be a deciding factor in starting the competition on time – and many football matches and similar events suffer a delayed start time if a large number of people are still making their way into the ground.

Helping to prevent this starts from the moment spectators arrive on to your site, so good stadium signage should begin from the place where pedestrians walk on to your land, or vehicles depart the public road and on to the venue’s private property.

Large, clear posts can provide clear parking instructions, with overspill car parks clearly signalled if appropriate, and any private, VIP or staff parking highlighted too with ‘no entry’ or ‘access only’ notices.

Turnstile signage is another major factor, and a general site plan at each corner of the stadium can prevent the situation where visiting spectators – especially fans of the ‘away’ team, if there is one – walk all the way around the perimeter before finding the appropriate entrance.

Once inside the stadium, signs should indicate the direction to the main stands and seating blocks, as well as refreshment kiosks, toilets, baby change facilities and so on, as well as essential directions like fire exits and security checkpoints.

Alongside all of this, but no less important to the running of a major commercial sports venue, is the need for branding and promotional signage that adds to the glamour of a big-ticket event while leaving spectators with a positive perception of your premises.

Stone works and built-up letters are two of the best options for large venue name signs, and can be illuminated for maximum visibility even at evening and winter fixtures.

For these and any other signage ideas, or if your venue needs a particular sign that we have not already mentioned here, please get in touch and In-Signs can offer a seamless design, manufacture, installation and maintenance service to meet your needs.


Types of External Signage for Sports Stadiums