Retail Park Signs

Like any premises, the larger and more complex the layout of your retail park, the more important it is to get your signage just right – not only so shoppers can find their way to the key retailers on site, but also to bring in passing trade that might otherwise pass you by.

Totems are one of the main options here, as they can display any number of different brand names and logos, each on its own smaller sign attached to the same supporting poles.

Using individual smaller signs in this way allows for each logo to be updated or swapped out as retail units change hands, with extra elements added to the totem when new tenants move in.

It’s a visually appealing way to list all of the main retailers present on the site, and an affordable way to update just one part as and when you need to do so, rather than paying out the cost of an entirely new sign every time.

Acrylic directories can serve the same purpose indoors, again listing all of the different retailers so shoppers can easily see all of the brands located nearby.

For individual stores, flex faces are the first choice for outdoor signage, and can be illuminated to stay visible after sunset Рideal for winter nights, late evening shopping all year round, and for visibility if the sign is located away from any other building or street lighting.

In-Signs can design, manufacture and install new signs for new and existing flex face units, so we can offer this joined-up service with complete peace of mind that your finished product will be exactly the right size, and fitted to a high standard.

Once in place, we can also provide regular maintenance or one-off cleaning to keep your signage in as-new condition for longer.

We work with individual retailers on owned and rented premises, as well as retail units on larger commercial parks; we also work with large retail park owners and operators, and can supply large numbers of your chosen product with consistent design, colours and imagery.


Types of External Signage for Retail Parks