School, College and University Signs

Signs for schools and colleges can help to attract the right kind of attention from passing pedestrians and motorists, as well as direct visitors to the correct part of your campus.

Posts are a versatile option when choosing signs for schools and colleges, as they are easily erected on even very small areas of land and can be placed where they will be visible over a boundary fence or wall.

The surface of posts allows for a wide range of information to be displayed, with a number of different typeface sizes to make sure the main information – such as the name of the school – is visible from a distance, but also to maximise the value of the overall design with smaller details that are intended to be read close-up.

It’s normal to display the school name in a large font, followed perhaps by a telephone number, headteacher name, or any other such details that might be relevant to passers-by.

Post signs can be placed on uneven ground – as different heights of post can be used, or can be driven into the ground to a varying degree, in order to level off the sign itself.

Alternatively, totems, similar to those you see at the entrance to a retail park, can be extremely effective signs for schools and colleges as well, especially on a campus with multiple buildings housing different departments.

By erecting a good-quality totem for your college campus, you can indicate the direction to different key locations, such as major departments and buildings, or facilities like the main reception, food hall or car parking.

Finally, for a statement at the main road entrance to your school site or college campus, you may want to consider incorporating stone works either into your boundary wall, or as a standalone entrance sign.

Stone works allow the name of your school or college to be displayed in a very large font, in an elegant engraved or embossed stone effect, or using built-up lettering on a solid stone background.

Combined with night-time illumination, stone works make eye-catching statement signs for schools and colleges, and can help to raise the profile of your establishment in the surrounding area.

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Types of External Signage for Schools & Colleges