Pub Signage

There are three main types of pub signage, each with its own challenges and demands in terms of design and installation.

Obviously the pub name itself needs to be displayed in a clear and visually appealing way – and pub signs have become an art form in their own right over the years.

For many modern pubs and bars, built-up lettering over the main entrance provides a striking way to display your name where it is difficult to miss, and with the proper illumination this can be visually impressive after dark as well, for a venue where much business takes place late into the evening.

Secondly, you need to provide certain important information to customers, including directions to the gents’ and ladies’ toilets, disabled toilet and baby-changing facilities; you may also want signs to remind customers not to smoke, or to direct them to the acceptable outdoor smoking area.

Certain mandatory health and safety signs, such as fire exits and other escape routes, should also be taken into account when deciding on which specific ones you require.

And finally, there are of course the regular promotions and other marketing signage for pubs that rely on special offers and competitive pricing to bring in passing trade.

In-Signs can design and manufacture a wide range of different signs for pubs, in a selection of different materials; you may even want to consider window vinyls as a way to add privacy to a space overlooked by large windows, while using the area of the glazing as extra signage space.

For pubs under refurbishment, our printed hoardings can also offer some privacy to disguise the work being carried out, while letting customers and passers-by know what is happening and importantly, when your grand reopening is due to take place.

These three areas – venue name, practical and mandatory information, and promotions and marketing – cover most of the normal uses for pubs, although of course you might have specific needs that have not been mentioned here already.

In-Signs have years of experience working with the hospitality sector, so if you have an enquiry relating to anything listed here, or another particular requirement for your pub or bar premises, get in touch.

Types of External Signage for Pubs