Healthcare Signs

Patients and their visitors have enough to worry about without the risk of getting lost while moving around sprawling healthcare sites, especially those with many different departments in multiple different buildings.

Good healthcare signage greets new arrivals at each main entrance on to your site, with information displayed at a suitable scale to be legible to pedestrians or to motorists, who may see it from further away or with less opportunity to stop and pay close attention to it.

Post signs – the typical ‘signpost’ in its truest form – are a great option for main entrances, as they can support different sizes, and there are few limitations in terms of the information you can display, the size of graphics and text, the colour scheme you choose, and so on.

Stone works and 3D built-up lettering are good options for one-word names and short phrases, such as the name of your hospital, surgery or other healthcare facility, and built-up lettering signs can be placed high on a main wall where they will be visible from far away.

Once inside the building, a vibrant, eye-catching sign may be appropriate to direct all visitors to reception, while acrylic directories provide a way to signpost several different departments, with the flexibility to change a single entry on the list if there is any likelihood of departments moving in the future.

Likewise in a doctors’ surgery, an acrylic directory can list the healthcare professionals who practise there, while giving you the ability to swap new names for old or change the order if your GPs move rooms.

In-Signs can handle everything from the design and manufacture to their installation and maintenance, and we have years of experience working with healthcare facilities to produce the types of signage that meet specific needs.

That may include large-print signage for visually impaired facilities, or signs with explanatory images to overcome dyslexia or non-English-speaking patients and visitors.

For any such specific needs, or to make a general enquiry about signage for healthcare facilities from In-Signs, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your key criteria.


Types of External Signage for Healthcare Providers