Arts, Heritage & Museum Signs

Signs for arts and heritage sites tread a fine line between a modest appearance that suits the surroundings, while still standing out enough to catch the eye of passers-by who rely on the sign’s information.

With In-Signs’ help from design through to installation, we can offer designs in sympathetic colour schemes and materials suitable for use indoors and outside at arts and heritage sites, even if you are subject to certain limitations in terms of visual impact and aesthetic conservation concerns.

Signs for heritage properties can incorporate stone works – making use of natural material to elegantly display large information like the name of the site or of a specific building, in a way that will blend well into a surrounding landscape of stone or other geology.

Built-up letters can be fixed directly on to a surface, so there is no need to install a supporting post or pole on to which your sign will be attached.

Of course where appropriate, posts are still a good option, giving you excellent versatility to display all kinds of information with complete freedom of design – these also naturally lend themselves to more ‘practical’ information, for example to display opening times or parking charges at the entrance to your premises.

Inside your buildings, especially on larger sites, it’s also important to signpost visitors to different areas, as well as to facilities like toilets and baby changing rooms, help desks and exits.

We can design, manufacture, install and maintain indoor signs for arts and heritage venues that match your outdoor signage, and display the required information in a logical way; we can also help with displaying information graphically, rather than in words, if you expect to be visited by an international audience.

Finally, for sites that are still undergoing development or refurbishment, but are open to the public throughout, consider totems for outdoors and acrylic directories as your main indoor signage.

Both of these have the option to switch out individual components as new parts of your premises open, close or get renamed – meaning your signage can keep pace with your site redevelopment, so visitors always know what attractions and areas are open to the public at any given time.


Types of External Signage for Arts & Heritage Centres