Manufacturing Services

In-Signs can manufacture all types of business signage to the highest of standards, using modern materials that are highly durable for busy indoor locations, as well as being resistant to wind and rain, and to colour fading due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in outdoor positions.

Our signage manufacture services are part of our overall package for customers, and this means we can provide you with everything you need from the initial design stage, right through to making the sign itself, installing it on your premises and maintaining it in good condition for the future.

When the design is finalised, making that design a reality is among the most crucial stages of the process, and we can help you to choose the best materials for the job, whether you want a rigid design to stand on its own post or in a totem, a flex face panel or a replacement front for an illuminated unit, or any other specific material.

Among our most eye-catching options are engraved stone works, which give a high impact, executive appearance to main entrances, and can also be built into the wall of landmark addresses and large residential developments alike.

3D built-up lettering can also have extra impact on surfaces where a flat design might not be the best option, and we can manufacture the lettering needed for such locations, as well as carry out the precision installation needed to get each letter in just the right position.

All of our signs are manufactured to the highest standards, so you know the physical dimensions will be right to fit existing totems, acrylic directories and other fixed-size positions like flex faces.

For very large format designs that must be manufactured in more than one section, this commitment to close tolerances means that the design will line up on adjacent panels – and the same is true for window vinyls and construction site hoarding panels.

Whatever signage you need, we can manufacture it to the necessary specifications, with unbeatable results when you use our design and installation services as well, and we can also offer ongoing maintenance, to keep them looking at their best.