3D and Built Up Letter Signage

Built up letters give building signs depth and impact, providing the right amount of relief away from the wall on to which they are fixed.

Different depths allow you to customise your design in three dimensions, from the design and shape of the front view, to the thickness of the letters.

Choose chunky, deeply built lettering for a bold or rugged visual effect, perfect for ‘strong’ industries like builders’ merchants and fitness centres, or simply for brands with a clear corporate identity.

A built up lettering sign gives a building a sense of permanence – it becomes a lasting part of the wall, rather than looking as though it has simply been nailed on – making this a great option for companies with a long history in the area, or for new arrivals wanting to make a statement.

Like with other building designs, you have further options when it comes to customising the finished effect given by your built up letter sign, from the materials used to the surface finishes applied.

Ask us about our illumination options too, so that your built up letter building signs can continue to have the desired level of impact not just in the daylight hours, but right around the clock.