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Floodlit stone works add corporate style to dark nights

Floodlit stone works add corporate style to dark nights

Whatever type of sign you add to your premises, there’s no reason why it should only be seen in the daytime, and we’ve already looked at some of the most eye-catching options for commercial sites in recent weeks.

For corporate premises, stone works are an excellent option to add statement style to your main entrance, either as a standalone stone sign by your gate, or embedded into your front wall.

In either instance, stone works can be given engraved lettering or embossed signage using built-up letters, and both of these really come into their own after dark.

With carefully positioned lighting – typically at ground level to provide upward floodlit illumination to the sign – you can enhance the relief of engraved lettering and add a dramatic drop shadow to built-up letters.

As stone works often have a low-contrast colour scheme anyway, relying instead on light and shade for their readability at distance, this can make sure that your corporate signs are equally visible after dark, if not more so.

Combine stone works with our other corporate signs for even more impact, such as a brightly lit totem sign to list the different businesses occupant on a given site.

Window vinyls can be highly visible as long as the interior lights are on, giving them a vibrant backlit effect while adding some simple privacy screening to the lower part of office windows for days when the sun sets before the working day is over.

And acrylic directories are a useful way to list departments or floors in a reception area, or by lifts, bringing some corporate style to your indoor signs to complement that found outside.

Together, these different corporate signage types give you a comprehensive solution to attract the attention of passers-by, while giving useful information and directions to visitors on arrival.