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Post signs get you noticed on a summer’s eve

The long, light evenings of summer are welcomed by almost everyone – but they do demand a bit of extra attention when it comes to your commercial signage, with post signs a good option for the season.

On a dark winter’s evening, when your shop is still open, perhaps later than many customers might expect, it’s easy to advertise the fact with a brightly lit, brightly coloured sign that can be seen for miles around.

In summer, you can light the sign and still not be much more visible than if your premises were closed for the day, so it’s sensible to back up a colourful shop front sign with post signs at the edge of your site, where possible.

Post signs take up very little ground footprint – literally just the two or three posts that support the sign and give it its name – but can have a big impact.

Because of this small footprint, it’s easy to place them right at the edge of your land, even on the narrowest strip between your car park and the pavement.

They can be tall, too – making them easy to see from the road for passing vehicles and pedestrians alike.

And this easy visibility in all conditions means that it is your chance to declare yourself open for business, with your closing time on display for all passers-by to see.

Post signs are used to particularly good effect by the big DIY wholesalers, who often have their opening hours on show at the entrance to the car park, even if it is some way from the front door.

But there’s nothing to stop any retailer with a small patch of land from erecting a sign with similar information on it, so passers-by don’t have to guess if the lights are still on in order to decide if you are still open.