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What does your flex face sign say about you?

If you have premises on a commercial retail park, you probably have a space for a flex face sign – so are you making the most of this marketing opportunity?

The flex face at the front of a retail park unit is your main chance to catch passing trade, with a vibrant logo or elegant design to make sure passers-by know you are open for business.

Often new retailers will open without a sign in place at first, and while this is understandable when you have other setup costs to cover, it could prove to be a false economy in the long run.

The first days in a new location are an opportunity to announce your arrival and capitalise on the curiosity of regular visitors – fail to pull them in when you first arrive, and you’re less likely to entice them back again later.

In the worst case scenario, people might assume the lack of a flex face sign on your unit means you are not yet open for business, even if the shelves are stocked and the lights are on.

Our flex face signs are ideal for commercial retail park signage, and work on backlit fittings too, so your logo can still be seen at night or on a dark winter’s evening.

We can also supply temporary flex face signage for units that are under new occupancy but not yet open for business, so you can let customers know your doors will be opening soon.

And it’s not just tenants who need flex face signs – retail park operators can benefit too, by putting up a sign advertising that the unit is available to let.

There really is no better place to signal what’s going on inside a retail unit – so whether you’re the occupier of the premises, or the owner of the commercial estate, make sure you are capitalising on this opportunity.