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Five ways to make an entrance with corporate and commercial signs

Five ways to make an entrance with corporate and commercial signs

One of the most important purposes of corporate and commercial signs is simply to make visitors feel welcomed on arrival – without needing a person to be there to greet them.


It’s the first step towards leaving a positive impression on the individual, whether they are a customer, an investor, a supplier, or a talented individual who you would like to entice into working for you.


There are plenty of ways corporate and commercial signs can help with this – here are five of the best.


Stone works are commonly seen on corporate premises, as well as at the entrance to high-quality residential estates and some commercial parks too.


They help to identify your main entrance and the name of your company or retail park, clearing up two possible areas of doubt for visitors in one fell swoop.


Totem signs are a way to do the same but with multiple companies on the same site, and they allow all the occupants to be listed one above the other, totem-style.


Consider combining stone works and totem signs if you have, for example, a retail park with its own name, but also want to show each individual occupant too.


Post signs are an alternative to totem signs and can be used in compact spaces, needing only a matter of inches in front of a wall or anywhere with space for the supporting pole to go into the ground.


If your company has its own premises within a larger industrial estate, for instance, a post sign is a great way to signify the start of your site, helping it to stand out from the rest.


Flex faces achieve the same for retail premises on large parks, and can help to display your brand name and logo, or any eye-catching image of your choosing, over your door.


Finally, make the most of your front windows with vinyl signs that adhere to the glass, transforming a potentially quite dull and bare expanse of glass into a large-format sign that offers a unique welcome to new arrivals.